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Gilf Kebir Grand Expedition

An in-depth expedition to the heart of the Egyptian Sahara, the world's most forbidding, driest and least traveled desert. The trip aims to explore the far-off regions of Gilf Kebir plateau and Uweinat Mountain, the massive dunes of the Great Sand Sea and the oases of Siwa and Bahariyah. The 19-day journey looks into the mesmerizing history and geography of those magical features

The Oases Grand Tour

Thousands of years before other parts of the world entered the pages of history, the ancient Egyptians created in the desert of North Africa many oases not only of green fertile lands but also of civilization. A 12 days tour begins in Cairo and stops in Luxor; through it you will get the chance to visit most of Egypt's dwelling-places discover Egypt's Oases Grand Tour


Easter Adventure

BOOK NOW -- EASTER ADVENTURE -- 26 March To 10 April 2010For 14 days you'll have a wonderful life time adventure discovering the wonders of the Egyptian Western desert, one of the most exquisite deserts in Africa. You will meet totally new wonders, sand dunes, forms of rocks and prehistoric showcaves even volcanic craters and several other natural and historic aspects that will make you more eager to see more along the trip.


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